Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Talking about my artwork on live TV!

It was an honour to be invited to talk about my artwork on live chat show Outside the Box this week. You can view it via the You Tube link below:

The show focused on the challenges faced by artistic communities as a result of rising rents and threat from developers.

It was great to see interviews with several studio organisations including Bow Arts Trust and V22.  I talked about the body of work I have been making in response to the housing crisis, including the estate agent signs I created for Dismaland.

Monday, 9 November 2015

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see The Poor Door Exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery

Thank you to everyone who came to see The Poor Door Exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery, it was a great turn out at the opening night!

For the first two weeks in October, A-side B-side Gallery was filled with the work of 11 artists making work in response to the Housing Crisis.  Lots of people popped in for a chat and to share their stories relating to what is happening.  

London Live came to talk to us at the opening, the exhibition was also reviewed by the talented Louis Staples for Dazed, and featured in the East End Review who described it as 'a mini-Dismaland' !!?

Thanks so much to all the artists who participated:

Alison Berry, Rebecca Byrne, Mikey Georgeson, Mars Gomes, Kin, Lee Maelzer, Reena Makwana, S.P.A.R (Society for the preservation of admirable rubble featuring Brian Guest courtesy of Calum F Kerr), Tom Rizzuto, Julia Russell


We also held a film night at the gallery and featured: 

If you didn't make it to the show, here are some pictures:

'Help Duvet' by Mars Gomes

'Portals' by Rebecca Byrne

'Yellow Curtain' by Lee Maelzer

'Old Sink' by Julia Russell

'The Lost Estate' by Mikey Georgeson

The S.P.A.R set up... Brian Guest made appearances on a couple of occasions throughout the run of the show.  Visitors to the show made drawings of rubble which you can see displayed here.

'Dead Pigeons and Chandeliers' and 'Terminal Decline' by Kin

'NowHere' by Reena Makwana

'The Tower' by Alison Berry

'Shame on You' by Mars Gomes

'Pricey' and 'We Want Loads of Dosh' 
Two of the signs from my REAL Estate Agent Signs series

'We Want Loads of Dosh' (detail)

Brian Guest of S.P.A.R chats to people about rubble on the opening night

'Priced Out' (by me!)

Being interviewed by London Live

'Help Duvet' (detail) by Mars Gomes

Thanks again to everyone, 'The Poor Door' exhibition is something I had wanted to do for a long time.  Via an open call, it was great to find so many brilliant artists making work and responding in different ways to the housing crisis and rising rents in London.

I would LOVE to continue with this idea and involve more artists in another bigger more ambitious exhibition on this subject in the future.  We shall see!

The exhibition was part of Art Licks Weekend, 'a festival that showcases the work of pioneering young artists, curators, galleries and project spaces in London'.  The show was shortlisted for the Artquest Work Week Prize.

The exhibition also raised money for the charity Shelter