Monday, 24 December 2007

AlterNATIVITY Stella Dore christmas show...

STELLA DORE Presents this years beiggest alternative art show featuring both new and established artists within 6300 SQFT. For a glimpse into the future of contemporary art, this is not to be missed.


Studio 95,
91, Brick Lane

Private View 5th December
Exhibition runs until December 10th

Artists include: Chu, Eine, I-lib, Cept, inkie, D*Face, Rugman, Sickboy, Kid Acne, Part2ism, Pure Evil, Leigh Dyer, Stef Plaetz, Beth Brown, Modern Toss, Cat Johnston, Tinsel Edwards, Word to Mother, Twinkle Troughton.

Jodie Harsh with my This is Modern Art graffiti.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

BREAK PADS at The Garej

An exhibition curated by Barrie J Davies

Private View 23rd November
Exhibition runs until 7th December

“Brake pads” Art exhibition curated and hijacked by Barrie J Davies at the Garej Artpace 183a kings road Pontcanna Cardiff
23rd November 2007 (the action / hijack starts at 6pm)


 Alan Rees-Baynes, Alice Walton, Alun Rosser, Amia Bas, Andy Fung, Angula Sharma, Ann Rogers, Anna abrowska, Anne Redmond, Anne Ricchiard, Anne Shirron, Barnie Page, Barrie J Davies, Beavis Fenner, Benjamin Fletcher, Brian Watkins, Calley Evans, Chek-Huo Leung, Chloe Harris, Chris Moore, Ciaran Duffy, Clare Adams, Dafydd Fortt, Daniel Pryde-Jarman, David Blackmore, David Charles Williams, David Jones, David Ringrow, Elaine L Arkell, Elizabeth Aveyard, Emily Jones, Emma Parker, Eva Brudenell, Faith A Rogers, Ffion Owen,

Germaine Smith, Graham Walker, Hazel Dance, Henry Kleine, Holly Masten, I.J Bart, James Charlton, Jeffrey Driver, Jo Berry, Jo Swift, John Abell, Jonathan Anderson, Jonty Mellman, Joseph J Field, Kat Button, Katherine Cooper, Lee Jenkinson, Lindsay Boyd, Lisa Maria Oritz, Lorraine Kendal, Louise Cunningham, Mark Mcgowan, Martin Briggs, Martin Hablen, Martyn Last, Michael Copsey, Mike Ryder, Nathan Ford, Nic Finch, Nikos Mantzios, Norman Dent, Paul Chaplin, Peter Nash, Phil Lambert,Philippa Robbins, Pru Kemball, Rebbecca Day, Rebbecca Mayers, Richard Higlett, Richard Kearns, Rory Burne, Rose Ruane, SAAB, Sam Messenger, Sarah Bower-Jones, Sarah Christensen, Sarah Ellen Taylor, Sarah Haxby, Sarah Heron, Sergio Gonzalez, Sharon Cantelo, Shelia Dent, Stephen Kelly, Sue Roberts, Susie Thomson, Tinsel Edwards, Tom Goddard, Tom Rosenthall, Wally French, Will Roberts and you!


Monday, 10 September 2007


I DECIDED TO MOVE TO BERLIN.......AND I LOVE IT!!!! I wanted to see what was happening on the art scene, and heard it was really cheap to rent a flat. So I did rent a cheap flat which I use as my studio....ITS MASSIVE!!! and I have been busy painting....going to private views...and gigs....and checking the place out. There are loads of exhibitions to go to all the time, and some really good underground galleries....seems like there are so many buildings and flats which are empty in East Berlin....I'm thinkin it would be good to come out here again next year and put on a show with a few artists from London.

me painting in the flat

The flat in Berlin....its got a balcony!

Berlin undergound....its really empty

Mixing with the Berliners

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Punk Show at Ada Street Gallery

Punk Exhibition at Ada Street Gallery, E2

Private View July 12th 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Playing Live, The Fairies Band, The Swankers, Whiteman Kamikaze and The Readymades

Show runs until July 25th

I helped James Bradshaw to curate a show called 'Punk'. The aim of the show was to define what punk culture means now, in 2007. We also produced a book in conjunction with the exhibition.
The exhibition was on show in East London for two weeks, and in August moved to a gallery in Hamburg.


Artists include: Billy Childish, Sophie Thunders, James Bradshaw, Andy Fung, Barrie J Davies, Bob Milner, Moeniputlation, Deidre King, Hannah Bays, Tinsel Edwards, Hannah Korhoronen, Emma Wright, Jenny Hardcore, Matthew Clifford, Jo Broughton, Lorenzo Belanguer, Matt Verdon, Michelle Baird, Michael Jackson, Myne, Ian Nesbitt, Robin Clare, Twinkle Troughton, T Staudt, Stephanie Vegh, Bryn Chamberlain, Harry Pye, Paperplane, Mel Hierbert, Stew Ruffles, Paul Cole, Amah-Rose.

I did a cast of my bum for the exhibition.
The piece is a painting of a boys bum, and a plaster cast of my bum. The painting is called: 'I like looking at ARSE/ART', (The S and the E of ARSE are crossed out and replaced with a T) The cast is called: 'I like people looking at my ARSE/ART'.

Thankyou to Cowboy, Nick and Magdalena for helping to do the cast.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Punk Show in HAMBURG

Punk Exhibition at Galerie Lecocon, Hamburg, and The Rote Flora, Hamburg.

Picture above is a massive handpainted poster which was outside the venue, Rote Flora

Private View at Galerie Lecocon 3rd August 7pm
Private View at Rote Flora 4th August 2-5pm

After the show in Londons East end, the Punk Exhibition was shipped from London to Hamburg for a second showing. London artists collaborated with local artists from Hamburg to create a graffiti based weekend exhibition in the Rote Flora. At Galerie Lecocon, the work that had been displayed in London was installed for a two week show.
Some of the text graffiti I painted at Rote Flora
Moenipulation and his masks

Twinkles....'The Ramones department at M&S'

Thursday, 1 February 2007


"LIGHT SENTENCE" an exhibition curated by Michael Jackson and Doris Kettner. 25th January - 10th February 2007. Zeuggasse 7, 86150 Augsburg, Germany.
Artists: Klaus Ohad Said Auderer, Chris Dobrowolski, Tinsel Edwards, Michael Jackson, Cathy Lomax, Fabian Marcaccio, Katja Mutz, petrmyer, Richard Prince.

The exhibition was in an old office space in Augsberg near Munich in Germany.

'AM I CONTROVERSIAL ENOUGH' graffiti I did for the show.

Also an article about the exhibition in the Augsberger Allgemaine.