Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Punk Show at Ada Street Gallery

Punk Exhibition at Ada Street Gallery, E2

Private View July 12th 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Playing Live, The Fairies Band, The Swankers, Whiteman Kamikaze and The Readymades

Show runs until July 25th

I helped James Bradshaw to curate a show called 'Punk'. The aim of the show was to define what punk culture means now, in 2007. We also produced a book in conjunction with the exhibition.
The exhibition was on show in East London for two weeks, and in August moved to a gallery in Hamburg.


Artists include: Billy Childish, Sophie Thunders, James Bradshaw, Andy Fung, Barrie J Davies, Bob Milner, Moeniputlation, Deidre King, Hannah Bays, Tinsel Edwards, Hannah Korhoronen, Emma Wright, Jenny Hardcore, Matthew Clifford, Jo Broughton, Lorenzo Belanguer, Matt Verdon, Michelle Baird, Michael Jackson, Myne, Ian Nesbitt, Robin Clare, Twinkle Troughton, T Staudt, Stephanie Vegh, Bryn Chamberlain, Harry Pye, Paperplane, Mel Hierbert, Stew Ruffles, Paul Cole, Amah-Rose.

I did a cast of my bum for the exhibition.
The piece is a painting of a boys bum, and a plaster cast of my bum. The painting is called: 'I like looking at ARSE/ART', (The S and the E of ARSE are crossed out and replaced with a T) The cast is called: 'I like people looking at my ARSE/ART'.

Thankyou to Cowboy, Nick and Magdalena for helping to do the cast.

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