Sunday, 1 July 2007

Punk Show in HAMBURG

Punk Exhibition at Galerie Lecocon, Hamburg, and The Rote Flora, Hamburg.

Picture above is a massive handpainted poster which was outside the venue, Rote Flora

Private View at Galerie Lecocon 3rd August 7pm
Private View at Rote Flora 4th August 2-5pm

After the show in Londons East end, the Punk Exhibition was shipped from London to Hamburg for a second showing. London artists collaborated with local artists from Hamburg to create a graffiti based weekend exhibition in the Rote Flora. At Galerie Lecocon, the work that had been displayed in London was installed for a two week show.
Some of the text graffiti I painted at Rote Flora
Moenipulation and his masks

Twinkles....'The Ramones department at M&S'

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