Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Exploring surfaces

At the moment Tuesday is my painting day, the day when I can forget about everything that needs doing for A-side B-side, forget about life's stresses and actually focus on the thing I love doing the most!  Precious Tuesdays...

I am currently working on a series of studies, I started them as an experiment, purely as a way of exploring new ways of applying paint - without the pressure of thinking they had to be completed for an exhibition or even to show anyone at all.  I began by using image references but quickly stopped using them in favour of painting more intuitively.  I've found this really helpful, rather than continuously looking at an image to check whether lines are correct or colours are right, I've simply been choosing to mix colours because they feel right.  As the painting progresses I allow the paint and marks to dictate what should come next, whether I should wait for a layer to dry and apply a glaze, whether there needs to be a rough surface with texture, and whether that should be left to dry to apply yet another glaze.

All the time throughout the process I think about the concept and ideas which inspired this series of studies, but I don't feel bound to it, and I've noticed that this way other themes and avenues to explore have arisen.  Painting this way has felt quite liberating so far, and I feel that at last I am allowing the paint to work its own magic and relinquishing my control a little.  Paint is a magical medium with endless possibilities, it sounds strange - but for me, taking the time to explore it and simply experiment with it feels as though I am paying it more respect.

Some of the studies seem to be nearing completion, and I am now considering putting them forward for an exhibition although this was never my initial intention! Perhaps the things that turn out best happen accidentally....

Some pics below are snippets from my current painting studies:

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