Tuesday, 16 April 2013

One week in! - The campaign to get our paintings to Vienna for the 'Affluence and Avarice' exhibition

Just recently we officially announced that myself and art partner in crime Twinkle Troughton have been invited to exhibit at Galerie Michaela Stock in Vienna this June.  This is a very exciting opportunity, and it's the first time we have been officially invited as a duo to exhibit our works abroad in a professional gallery setting. 

Our exhibition is titled 'Affluence and Avarice', all of the info about the show is on our facebook event page:
We will be exhibiting brand new paintings, which together will be presented as a collection of work with the theme of greed as its pivotal starting point.

LEFT: 'A Gannet's Stomach is Never full' by Twinkle 

RIGHT: '9 Years and 89 days, ongoing. Civilian deaths 34,240, 
Military deaths 2,208' by Tinsel (why did I choose such a long title?!)
Even as far back as last Autumn, we were busy working away on researching and submitting funding applications, there are lots of costs involved with putting on this exhibition, including shipping our work from London to Austria and paying for the printing and design of the accompanying show catalogue.  Unfortunately several funding applications later, disappointingly we didn't get the funds...With massive cuts to the arts in the UK, we now have first hand experience that funding is definitely harder to come by! and this is why we really need your help.
Therefore we decided we would set up a crowdfunding page using the Indiegogo platform, and this is it!:

One week in we now have just 23 days to raise our goal of $4700 or £3000 in English pound terms!  In return for ANY donation large or small - there are a wide variety of perks, we have been super busy creating signed photos, mugs, button badges, bespoke hand-made jackets and signed catalogues.   

The handmade Tinsel & Twinkle jacket, each one is unique and made by ourselves, only 5 available ever! (we will also be wearing these as our banker uniforms at the exhibition and when we do the bank)

The 'Don't Get Mugged Mug'

We may not be raising funds for a charity or running a marathon - but your donation will be absolutely instrumental in helping two passionate London artists to create a professional art exhibition, bring attention to the UK art scene and make their mark on Vienna.  If lots of people can donate just $5 dollars, together we can make this happen!
We would really appreciate it if you can take the time to have a look at the fundraising page, any donation large or small will make a difference, or please do share the page on facebook or twitter and help us to spread the word.
Some info about the gallery, the exhibition and the Bank of Twinkle & Tinsel:
The gallery is based just around the corner from the lively Museum Quarter in central Vienna, it is one of a series of well regarded contemporary art galleries on  Schleifmühlgasse.  Abit like the Time Out First Thursdays that all Londoners will be aware of, galleries in Vienna all coincide their private view openings four times per year on specific dates, to create a late night arts festival for the city.  The good news is that they liked mine and Twinkle's work enough to give us one of these prominent dates! 
Have a look at the Gallery one their site here:

We will also be taking the ‘Bank of Tinsel & Twinkle’ to Vienna, scheduled to appear at various times and locations in the city throughout our two week residency.  It is a bank that trades in thoughts rather than currency, and aims to create an arena for an alternative style debate and discussion on the global economic crisis.  Here is the blog we have set up which will be the place to find all of the updates and news about the progress of our bank!
We have created our own banknotes and the idea is that people write their thoughts on the economy on these notes, creating an ongoing forum for debate whilst creating a visual display.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this, and thankyou in advance for any support you may be able to give.
Best wishes,
Tinsel x

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