Sunday, 21 July 2013

Art Auction and The Brick Lane Village Fete

This week there are two very exciting events coming up, on Wednesday 24th July an art auction, and on Sunday 28th July The Brick Lane Village Fete.

The purpose of both events is to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and the Chris McMuck story.

Here's what the organisers have to say on their website:

"Chris McMuck was highly influential in creating Shoreditch as it is today. He managed & promoted some of the most popular and underground clubs throughout the early 90’s into the mid 00’s. He was a booker, promoter, PR whizz kid, music label compiler, magazine publisher, and most of all he brought a vast amount of creative people together.

In 2005 he was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

For the past 3 years Chris has been wheelchair bound and lives in 24 hour care. Irrespective of his physical restrictions, his mind is bright and we have seen him benefit hugely from the alternative care and support from a wide network of groups"

I first met Chris McMuck back in the time The Fairies Band was going strong, and Shoreditch was our stomping ground.  Chris approached us about doing a gig at the then brand new Catch 22 at the bottom of Kingsland High Street.  Shoreditch was a different place back then, with an interesting creative crowd and small circuit of bars, the Spreadeagle opposite Catch 22 was still a strip club...

Chris had boundless energy and enthusiasm, he was a genuine supporter of our band and helped us to promote the gig in any way he could.  Including sticking posters to the pavements all over Shoreditch!  He was wonderful to work with and The Fairies have stayed in touch with him ever since then.

These events have been created by a wonderful team of volunteers who have pooled their resources in support of their friend, Chris McMuck.  The aim is to raise money for local charities and raise awareness about MS, proceeds from the event will also go 'towards supporting Chris in engaging with a programme of holistic and alternative healthcare practices'.

Both myself and Twinkle Troughton have produced art works to contribute to the Art Auction, alongside Pure Evil, Vivienne Westwood, Jim Lambie, Jimmy Caughty, Andrew Weatherall and loads loads more...check out the gallery on the BLVF website for more pics.

The event is guest list only, please do RSVP to the address on the website if you would like to come along, and please do spread the word!

My painting for the auction: '£327 per week for this Stunning Two Bedroom Apartment'
Oil on Canvas

The Art Auction
Date: Wednesday 24th July
Venue: Blackall Studios, 70 Leonard Street, London,EC2A 4QS

The Brick Lane Village Fete
Date: Sunday 28th July
Venue: St Matthews Church, Bethnal Green

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