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Tinsel & Twinkle's 'Revolution Launderette' at The Art Car Boot Fair 2014

This Sunday June 8th, The Art Car Boot Fair returns to East London for it's 11th year.

Described as 'The Art World's most exuberant event' by The Sunday Times Culture magazine in 2013, it is a much loved, fun packed day.

For the second year running Twinkle Troughton and I have been invited to participate, and we are very excited about that indeed!  Last year we staged 'The Bank of Tinsel & Twinkle', and this year we will be launching our brand new 'Revolution Launderette'

If you are interested in finding out more you can follow the Tinsel & Twinkle blog for regular updates on our collaborative projects.


Artists Twinkle Troughton and Tinsel Edwards have joined forces again, this time to create the ‘Revolution Launderette’ for the Art Car Boot Fair 2014. 

Previously having dressed as traffic wardens and given away free art, turned trash to treasure, kidnapped a banker and formed their own bank and currency, this will be the 4th interactive public art stunt for the collaborative duo.

This time they are asking ‘What kind of Revolution do you want?’

Twinkle and Tinsel see Revolution as a kaleidoscopic concept; traditional thoughts will inevitably lead to overthrowing governments and challenging oppressors. But what can Revolution mean to us as individuals?  How about renewal, change, compassion, love and hope, or our personal responsibilities to ourselves and to each other?

In September 2013 Madonna launched her short film ‘Secret Project Revolution’, confronting attacks on Artistic freedom and fighting for human rights.  In October 2013 Russell Brand’s controversial contribution to the New Statesman tackled the subject of Revolution.  There has been ongoing bloodshed since the Arab Spring began in late 2010.  After the Occupy movement started in 2011, it quickly became global.  ‘Revolution’, in many senses of the word, is tangible.

In their trademark style, Tinsel and Twinkle have given their Revolution themed interactive art piece a humorous twist. Dressed as launderette ladies complete with pinnies, rollers and head scarfs, they will invite you into their Revolution Launderette. 

Decked out with old washing machines, washing lines and soap powder boxes, this will be a launderette with a difference.  Expect banners and placards emblazoned with the duo’s own words and Ghandi's Seven Deadly Sins, thought provoking yet simple philosophies indeed fit for a revolution! 

In this playful interpretation of the role of the launderette, Tinsel and Twinkle will invite the audience to participate.  Limited Edition prints will hang from washing lines, and visitors will be asked to collaborate by stamping words onto the prints which sum up what kind of revolution they want to happen, either personally or around the world! 20% of all sales will go to the Art Car Boot Fair chosen charity: Just for Kids Law.

At our 'Revolution Launderette' I will be selling a selection of original oil paintings (more info below) and 'Neon Revolution' the screen print I have just produced with Jealous Gallery.  Twinkle will be selling a new limited edition print of one of her fabulous new paintings, and together we are selling a limited edition collaborative/interactive print.

These original oil paintings are small studies for my housing series: A Campaign for Affordable Homes in London.  Each painting is unique, they will be on sale at The Art Car Boot Fair at a special reduced rate for that day only.

These interior paintings highlight the issues surrounding the current housing crisis in London.  Inspired by real adverts in estate agents windows, the paintings document the rising cost of rent in the capital.  They depict gloomy, dreary interiors juxtaposed with the sales text taken from the adverts, which describes beautiful properties at bargain prices.

We hope to see you at The Art Car Boot!  Please come and visit us at our Revolution Launderette!

All the details are on the website www.artcarboorfair.com

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