Sunday, 2 August 2015

Collaboration with Harry Pye

I have been a fan of Harry Pye's work for a long time, his paintings are colourful, witty and full of warmth. So I was delighted when he invited me to collaborate with him to create a painting for his forthcoming exhibition 'Life of Pye'.

I've known Harry since 2007 (I think!), when I asked him to be in the Punk exhibition I curated with James Bradshaw.  We have collaborated on a couple of things previously, this time he asked me to paint him as a Merman.  He gave me three canvases which he had already painted, he asked if I could paint more detail into some areas like the sea and the mermaid tail.  

'Life of Pye' is a lovely project which involves 42 collaborations with different artists and musicians, Harry says:
"It’s been 21 years since I graduated from Winchester School of Art aged 21. I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday by having an exhibition that features 42 collaborations. I've also been working on a publication with the designer Keith Sargent that will feature images from the show plus forty-two 42 word quotes about the number 42"

There is lots more information about the exhibition on the Facebook event page, you can also read about each collaboration for Life of Pye in more detail here: 

Opening night: Wednesday 5th August 6-9pm

Angus-Hughes Gallery
26 Lower Clapton Road

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