Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MoMac show in Gloucester

My work was recently selected by curators Roberta Moore and Lisa MacKenzie, for a MoMac pop up show in Gloucester.

It was really exciting to be involved in such a big exhibition, I would have loved to have gone! But the exhibition was only on for two days and coincided with my solo show.  Roberta has just kindly sent me some images, afew of which are posted here.  You can also follow the link to view a full slide show of the exhibition.


There were several Debut Contemporary artists in the exhibition, including Chantal Powell, Tahnee Lonsdale, Patrick Colhoun, Miss Annabelle Dee, Rosie Emerson and Estelle Grandidier.  Other artists in the show include Freya Douglas Morris, Stuart Semple and Paul Robinson.

Some of the wooden panels from my assemblage: 'The Future is unwritten' 

Not sure who these paintings are by but they look quite amazing!

Some of Tahnee Lonsdale's work

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