Monday, 8 August 2011

The blog to review Opinionated Objects will have to wait....

This evening I was planning to sit down and finally write a blog to review mine and Twinkle's recent project: 'Opinionated Objects', as usual I'm abit late to upload the news after the event!  But after seeing the footage of the riots on the streets of Hackney I feel shocked and horrified, stunned, and worried about how things will pan out tonight.

Weirdly I am not in London this week, but so many people close to me live near to the area where the riots are going on, and I can't stop thinking about how terrifying it must be for them right now.  I lived just off Mare street for a couple of years, its awful to see what happened in Tottenham and I really feel for all of those affected, but on a personal note, seeing such familiar places being trashed to pieces feels really sad.

What is it that inspires people to cause such damage to other people's lives?

I will write about Opinionated Objects another time...All I can say about it at the moment is that it was wonderful to have had such a positive response, people were so forthcoming with honest and heartfelt hopes and opinions.

I hope that the response that me and Twinkle had to Opinionated Objects reflects how Londoners will now all pull together.

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