Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Is Capitalism a Dictatorship or a Democracy: Working on a new piece!

I used to feel that I couldn't make political work because I didn't know enough about 'Politics'.  Over the past couple of years I've changed how I feel about that, I still don't know much about politics, but I do know how I feel about the observations that I make about society and life today.  These personal responses to what I see are what is expressed in my work, and now sometimes the work does end up being abit political....!

IS CAPITALISM A DICTATORSHIP OR A DEMOCRACY?  My paintings often start with a question or a slogan, and a while back I started thinking about the above question.  Capitalism is supposedly a democracy, but are we really all free to decide what we want to do?  Certain things have to happen in order for Capitalism to continue working as a model for society, mostly buying stuff...all the time.  There is a hierarchy and a growing wealth divide, everyone has their function within the big wheel of society and amongst other things we all have to keep buying to make it all keep ticking.

Aswell as pondering on this thought...I never forget how lucky we are to not live under a real 'dictatorship', I can't even begin to imagine the reality of living under a regime.  I sometimes wonder whether I really can make a painting to explore the issue I'm thinking about in Western countries - which also shows sensitivity and respect toward people living under dictatorships.

Anyhow, I thought I would attempt to tackle it, as to me its a very real issue.  I'm just at the very beginning of this process, and I think alot more research, reading and thought needs to go into the piece.

I attempted to come up with something which had just subtle visual reference to the theme I am looking at, thinking that the text would really do the work, and the title too.  Its a bold question, and simply asking it in the painting will encourage thought on the issue.  I also like the idea of making pieces where the text is a little bit removed from the image, as a way of leaving more space for thought and interpretation.

I've just been experimenting so far, and after a few days working on the painting I decided to abandon it and go back to the drawing board...

I'm still feeling that it is really important to make a piece of work to explore this issue, so hopefully I will be posting again soon with a finished piece!


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