Monday, 30 January 2012

2012 so far....

I can't believe January is almost over already!

So far 2012 has been a good year....!  The London Calling show at OCCCA in California has had some brilliant reviews, you can read a review which features my Shoebox painting in Zeitgeist Magazine, written by Nicola Anthony here

30 London based artists shipped their work over to California for London Calling, the ambitious group exhibition at the Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art.  

I have also just exhibited some pieces at IMPRINT, at The Serpentine Gallery Centre for Possible Studies,  put together by Francesca Goodwin and The Fabelist community You can read more about Imprint in Trebuchet magazine

However for the majority of January I have been busy in the studio working away on a series of new pieces.  One large piece I am working on looks at the problem of the growing wealth divide in the UK, and in Western civilizations generally.  The transience of life is a recurrent theme in my work at the moment, therefore this piece takes its starting reference from a medieval painting by Peter Breughal: 'The Triumph of Death'.  The painting is also inspired by a wide variety of sources, Victorian poverty paintings, the Kinks lyrics, the occupy movement, pre-revolutionary figures, and Canary Wharf amongst other things.  I haven't quite worked out what the text on this one will be yet...

My work seems to be getting more and more SERIOUS these last couple of years...I guess SERIOUS times require SERIOUS paintings!!!

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