Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Text show at Jealous Gallery

I'm delighted to announce that this Friday I will be exhibiting a brand new limited edition screen print at Jealous Gallery.

Jealous are a gallery based in Crouch End, specializing in limited edition prints which they produce in their screen printing studios in Shoreditch.  I've been wanting to work with them for ages!  They've worked with some amazing artists since they opened in 2008, including Charming Baker, who's paintings I LOVE. So it was very exciting when they approached me about producing a print with them.

'The Revolution Starts Here' - My screenprints drying on the rack at the Jealous Studios

I created a design using lino cut, this is a technique I've been wanting to try for a while.  

Woodcut printing was first used by artists in the 1400's, initially the subject matter was predominantly religous, but woodcuts were later used to illustrate political commentary, allegories and satire.  Discontentment with the church was growing, and the woodcut became increasingly popular as a method of communicating political messages and often illustrating dissent toward the church.  The method allowed ease of mass production, and the images were often circulated to a largely illiterate audience, woodcut prints would often comment on social issues and became a form of communication.

It was also a technique used extensively by the German Expressionist painters, and more recently Billy Childish.

For these reasons I wanted to adopt the technique for some of my text based pieces, I'm fascinated by its history, and I love the bold contrasts and organic textures the method creates.  Lino cut is a slightly easier more up to date option!  So I opted for that.

Jealous Gallery then very kindly transformed my initial lino cut design into a two colour screen print, I am really pleased with how it's turned out.

The print is limited to an edition of 20 and will be available to buy from the Jealous Gallery website shortly.

Black, White and Red All Over
Opens this Thursday 22nd August
The Private View is 6-9pm Friday 23rd August
Jealous Gallery
27, Park Road,
Crouch End
N8 8TE

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