Monday, 14 October 2013

Big Deal No.5 - a big exhibition in a car park underneath Cavendish Square, the Moniker Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair

This Thursday I will be exhibiting two new paintings at Big Deal No. 5, a large scale group exhibition in a car park underneath Cavendish Square in central London.

The show will feature the work of more than 80 artists, international and London based.

Oil on Canvas

 0 Bed Flat , £285 per week 
Oil on Canvas

These new paintings address the spiraling cost of the rental market in London, this series is part of a body of work I have focused on since the end of 2012.  Rent prices continue to rise, with the cost of monthly payments for below average properties rarely matching the average salary in London.  As tenants we don't have the same rights as our European neighbours, we have short tenancies which mean landlords can raise the rent frequently, rental properties are seen as transitory and it is difficult to make adjustments and create 'home'.  In many countries in Europe 5-10 year tenancies, with low affordable rent prices in relation to salaries are seen as the norm.

I am driven to continue making these paintings to campaign for changes to be made, we need more social housing, the government's hefty housing benefit bill could be put to better use and cut down by creating affordable homes for people on average incomes.  This would avoid housing benefit payments going to private landlords, and instead rental payments would go back in to cover the cost of creating the social housing.  It's also worth noting that many people who claim housing benefit are actually in work, but the salaries they earn are just not high enough to cover the rising cost of rent.  There is an interesting article on which states that over the last couple of years, 90 percent of new claims for help with housing costs are made by people in work.  

These issues need to be addressed, and some sort of regulation brought in.

The paintings are inspired by real adverts in estate agent windows, the titles are taken from the language these agents use to describe what they are offering.

Twinkle Troughton will also be exhibiting paintings, and together we will also be running The Bank of Tinsel &Twinkle at the opening night, we have some new banker uniforms for the event!  Please come and share your thoughts with us on the global economy on our bank notes. 

 Big Deal No. 5 is curated by Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie, read more about it in the Huffington Post here. 

The exhibition is supported by Geoffrey Leong, he comments:

"Supporting Arts is an important part of bringing incredible works to be evaluated and engaged with by the public, giving them the opportunity to review art in a different way. This multi media feast is curated by two renowned international artists Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie through their continuous presence in various studios. In this case expect the unexpected, from organised chaos to uniform structure and much more. I believe this is both original and inspiring show which brings an element of fun to those who view it. There really is nothing like this in the world of arts that we see today, the engaging of artists and the public in perfect harmony." 

Big Deal No. 5
Underground Car Park
Cavendish Square

Private View: 17th October 6-9pm
Exhibition Open: 18-20th October 11am-7.30pm 

Moniker Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair

I will also be exhibiting with Jealous Gallery at both the Moniker Art Fair and Affordable Art Fair. 

The Moniker Art Fair also opens this Thursday 17th

Moniker Art Fair 
The Old Truman Brewery  
91, Brick Lane

Private View: 17th October 5-9pm
Exhibition Open: 18-20th October 11am-7.00pm 

Affordable Art Fair
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ

Private View: 23rd October 6-9pm
Exhibition Open: 24-27th October 11am-6pm

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