Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Video Blog Update from the Homes for Britain Rally

My second Video Blog is set in the context of The Homes for Britain Rally.  

The artist Mark Latimer who is very kindly shooting/creating the films for me went along to the rally and chatted to a few people to find out what they think about what's happening.

A few years ago when I started making paintings about the Housing Crisis, the term 'Housing Crisis' wasn't even being used.  People were talking about high rents and the impact it was having on their lives in London, but there didn't seem to be organised groups making a stand for change.  

But there are now so many people campaigning at a grassroots level for better housing, and it's brilliant.  Doing things collectively is GOOD.  For example the families of the New Era Estate, and the Focus E15 mums

Diffierent to these grassroots protests, The Homes for Britain campaign is big and organised, it: "Brings together all those who believe everyone has a right to a decent affordable home to call their own."

So my second video blog is set within this context and looks at how Homes for Britain are campaigning for affordable homes. 

As this blog develops I would like to talk to lots of different people from all sorts of groups, anyone who is affected by and concerned about the Housing Crisis.  I used to feel quite isolated making paintings about it in my studio, and I wasn't sure if that was really doing anything!  But now, the more I find out, the more I discover that there are so many people campaigning for change in their own ways, and it's great to finally feel part of something, a movement who's voice is getting stronger and stronger.


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